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About Us

UCC is a boutique user research practice, based in Hyderabad, India. It was founded by Shipra Bhutada, a post graduate in New Media from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. She has a rich experience across varied industries and enjoys plugging pieces of cross-domain insights in her work. As the President of the Hyderabad Chapter of the Association of Designers of India, she plays a pivotal role in defining and strengthening the association.

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My vision is to be a strategic partner for my clients to co-create products and services that deliver a better experience and elevate the quality of life of the end users.
Shipra Bhutada, Founder & Director of User Research

About UCC

After over 14 years of being part of established systems, Shipra founded User Connect Consultancy to provide bold, honest, and uncompromising insights that open opportunities for business thought leaders. From remote tribal hamlets in India to New York, from Bangkok to London, UCC has consistently delivered quality user research. The niche, well structured studio comprises of Research and Human Centred Design mavericks, and visual, infographic designers who believe in complete immersion into the world of users and understanding their behaviour.

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