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UCC, with years of experience in both remote & physical research methodologies, has proven that remote user research is not a “compelled adjustment” but the new normal.  We have leveraged robust, user-research-friendly platforms, and delivered prompt, high quality user insights.

We closely collaborate with all spokes of businesses to align and work towards delivering impactful research for all the teams.

UCC has successfully executed user research across continents to help clients contextualize their strategy and offerings to the local markets.

It has become critical for businesses to adapt to shifting global paradigm and adopt new strategies. This means applying insights and understanding of your user. UCC unravels user behaviours, eco-systems and socio-cultural motivators that influence their relationships, day-to-day lives and purchase decisions.

business strategy

through user insights

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Global Practice

Over a decade of operation in international markets, combined with the experience of navigating a dynamic market like India, positions us as the preferred global user research consultancy.

UCC has successfully conducted cross-country user research, both remote and physical. We have built a robust network of research partners across the US, Europe, Asia, South East Asia, Middle East and Russia. The complexity of user research in India has equipped us to quickly adapt to every unexpected scenario. We are adept at tailoring our research methods to overcome gaps in technological reach, socio-economic parameters, language barriers, and cultural paradigms.


Wide Reaching
and Inclusive

Stories matter. They are powerful conduits to connect with people, their deep emotions, and experiences. They provide context and relevance to data.  We are interested in stories of users: who they are, what matters to them and what inspires or prevents them from achieving their desired goals & aspirations.

Cultural influences reflect across all stages of user research - be it initial analysis of the market and usage context, exploration and validation of a product or service, or implementation through localization and internalization. At UCC, we culturally immerse in the context of our users to design our research and arrive at inclusive insights. We leverage our local field network to localize our research to meet the participants' comfort and natural setting.


Our Services

We bring impactful and honest research to help build user-centric business, products, process & services.

Empathy is at the heart of everything we do and believe in. We do not limit ourselves to the traditional tools  and techniques. We invest deeply in understanding the problem at hand and arriving at the research statement. Our type(s) of research and methodologies are identified based on the research goals. We are creative and do not shy away from experimenting or shifting the gears in the middle of the research.  

Whether it is a fixed time project or a consultancy model, UCC’s collaborative approach involves clients at all stages: from planning to day-end debriefing to critical interventions.

Tools and Methods

Rapid ethnography
In-depth interviews
In-situ study
Job shadowing
Fly on the wall
Contextual inquiry
Diary study
Day-in-life-of (DILO)
Product benchmarking
Competitor benchmarking
Participatory design workshops

Idea validation
Prototype evaluation
Concept validation
Usability testing
Card sorting

User persona
User journey maps
Innovation & strategy


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